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Is a looper application that lets you, easy and with a few simple steps, create your music using samples or real-time recording.
It is designed to sync your channels with 1 click, and with easy temporary crop to remove any preceding or following noise and silence.
You can even crop your recording if you missed a bit, to keep it in the beat.
MIDI learn!
Map and control almost any parameter and button from your MIDI controller very easy.
vStack includes 4 high-quality effects before the output, that give your music the feeling you want.
Full routing is available for all 4 effects. Route an effect to any or all the others and the output independently.
Also, the output includes a compressor to keep your level controlled as well as a 3-band equalizer to shape your tone!


Sync any channel to the master metronome.
Set the master tempo and time signature that the locked channels follow.
Select your input channel to use for recording or just send it through to the effects and the output.
Loop Channels

Loop Channels

Create and delete channels dynamically.
Sync the channel with a simple click on the lock icon.
Set the channel’s “original length” to get used when channel is locked.
This duration is used also as the duration of the recordings.
Click & Drag to set the start and end points of the audio, trimming excess silence or noise at the beginning or end.
Every channel can independently be send to any effect.
Vstack Midi Mapping

Vstack Midi Mapping

The new vStack version includes MIDI mapping.
With very simple steps you can control almost any of vStack’s parameters or buttons with your MIDI controller.
  • Enable the MIDI Mapping
  • Hover the mouse over the parameter or button you wan to control
  • Move your MIDI controller
  • Done!
You can remove any MIDI mapping or delete them all.
Click on the “eye” button below the “MIDI mapping” one, to manage and get information about the currently existing MIDI mappings.


4 high-quality effects before the output.
All effects are available for all channels and also the input channel.
All effects have their own level.
Effect Routing

Effect Routing

Every effect can be routed to all other effects as well as the output independently.
Increase the amount an effect is sent to another by increasing the percentages to its column.
The configuration show is implementing the following:
  • The overdrive is sent to the chorus and the output
  • The chorus is sent the delay
  • The delay is sent to the reverb
  • The reverb is sent to the output
This configuration is just an example of “chained” effects. Everything can be paralleled or in any combination.


The output includes a compressor to keep your level controlled.
A 3-band equalizer is also there to shape your tone.

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